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Justine Fouts

Owner & Operator of  Front Street Salon

Justine's experience as a Master Stylist will give you assurance, as you seek out that cut, color, and style best suited to your personality. She looks forward to collaborating with you as you seek to define that signature look, or help you explore one of the latest hair trends!


As a professional certified by the national BOARD of CERTIFIED HAIRCOLORISTS (BCH), Justine shares her knowledge with other stylists. Justine also has served as an educator for Eufora International, American Culture and Redken 5th Avenue, and has been a Regional Performing Artist for Redken and Artec.

Having trained across the U.S., including Las Vegas, Chicago, California and New York, Justine is well versed in design, color, education, and salon management. Because of her experience, Justine understands the challenge of reconciling a stylist's artistic vision with the real-world needs of the client.

Whether working with a client or fellow stylist, Justine uses her unique lens of experience, education, and artistry to foster a collaborative relationship.

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